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Working Together


5 Stars

"I have worked with VIP Security for over 5 years. The staff understands property management and what it takes to provide the right kind of services. The company is large enough to handle our needs but not so large that the personal service goes away.

From High Rises to Suburban properties, VIP is professional and continually provides outstanding customer service. I trust and get the job that is being paid for. The guards have come across a couple of leaks on the property afterhours which saved us not only money and time but a big headache in the morning!

They are also pros on how well they deal with difficult people day in and day out. Their approach is very smooth and courteous to everyone but the point is made and job gets done! VIP can and does provide many value-added services for property management companies. I would give them 5 STARS!"


Always Ready

"I have had nearly 20 years experience in working with VIP Access Management. Their commitment to excellence is bar none the best I have had the pleasure of working with. The team has always gone above and beyond my expectations. Our experiences together include Earthquakes, Fire, Power outages, Union strikes, Severe weather (Ice , Snow, wind, and flooding). During all of these times they were the guys you wanted on your team! Always ready to jump in with assistance and recommendations."


Above and Beyond

"I have been working with VIP Access management for 5 years. This company goes above and beyond the call of duty and are hands-on whenever any property issues pop up-from parking violations to extreme plumbing leaks, they never miss a beat. The VIP team at our property is always eager to do more, and have worked with us to expand their organization to create a parking administrator to assist the property management staff. They are extremely efficient in both their parking and campus security, always communicating issues with the engineers and management staff either in a daily summary email, immediately in person, on the phone, or radio, depending on the urgency of the matter. The owner has been an asset to this property for over 20 years now, and his knowledge of the area, the city/county/and state laws and regulations make him an easy one point contact for a wealth of parking and security questions. If he doesn't have the information readily available in his memory, he is always quick to gather the information request it and bring it to our team. He is backed by an incredible team who take their role seriously and operate in an assertive, professional manner at all times. With VIP on site, I am confident that our property is in good hands, and trust that incidences that come up at any time day or night will be relayed to our team in a timely and competent manner. I highly recommend VIP Access Management for your parking and security needs."


Impressive Accolades

"You all need to know how AWESOME it is to have your company watching out for (our) property. You all impress us every evening when you do your security checks... We appreciate you more than we can say, just not enough words and accolades. Thanks again."

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